Welcome to the Website of the modeling tool Invert/EE-Lab!

Invert/EE-Lab is a dynamic bottom-up techno-socio-economic simulation tool that evaluates the effects of different policy packages on the total energy demand, energy carrier mix, CO2 reductions and costs for space heating, cooling, hot water preparation and lighting in buildings.

Invert/EE-Lab includes a database on disaggregated building stock data for all countries of EU-28.

For more information and detailed description of the tool, please visit Overview.

Invert/EE-Lab application

Invert/EE-Lab model was used to simulate the scenarios of development of the building stock and its energy demand in the EU-28 up to 2030/2050/2080 for various scenario assumptions. Different sets of national policy packages on the refurbishment of the existing building stock have been developed in close cooperation with national stakeholders and policy makers. Invert/EE-Lab was applied in more than 35 projects. A selection can be found under projects.

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